ZENZO Ecosystem Roadmap v1.0

Standard Versions

Mobile Versions

ホワイトペーパー v.1.0

The ZENZO Whitepaper v.1.0 is currently being developed. It will be published in English and Japanese upon the initial release. Immediately after, ZENZO will offer bounties to translate in various languages. More information to be announced…

ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Demo

The ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Demo will contain graphical and visual representation of how ZUI will work and function. It will also explain in detail what ZUI is, why it is important, and how it will operate with other existing platforms. More information to be announced…

ZUI (d)App

A document with more information describing the first ZENZO DApp will be released after the ZENZO Universal Identity Demo. The name of this DApp is not “ZENZO" and will be made public at the same time with the mentioned document. More information to be announced…


ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace)

The ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) Alpha released on February 10, 2019. Inside the first phase of the arcade, the Marketplace, video game serial keys are for sale that are only purchasable with ZNZ cryptocurrency. ZENZO is working on integrating both PIVX and Bitcoin into the Marketplace as forms of payment. In the next phase, registered members will be able to list new and unused video game serial keys in the bi-directional marketplace.

ZENZO Blockchain, Governance Coin (ZNZ), Masternodes, Zerocoin Privacy Protocol

The ZENZO Blockchain is currently a PIVX fork (v.3.0.5) that utilizes Proof of Stake Consensus, Masternodes, Zerocoin Protocol, and other features. For more specific information on the ZENZO Blockchain and Governance Coin (ZNZ), please read ZENZO Specifications.

ZENZO (ZNZ) Block Explorer