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ZENZO Origins Rise of the Phoenix

February 22 2018, ZENZO was birthed into existence by the death of its predecessor, an older proof-of-stake project, by means of a peaceful community takeover. At the time, a majority of the community was Japanese and nicknamed the new project “Phoenix Coin” because of its trial by fire and rebirth. Resiliently, the community would persuade fate to open new doors and 8 months later the ZENZO Blockchain would launch.

Seemingly dead from the outside, once the ashes were blown away, embers flickered and the core was pulsing… ZENZO was alive. In 2019, ZENZO released its first NFT protocol that was backed by ZNZ. Since then, developers and community members from around the world have been contributing to the growth and expansion of the ecosystem through blockchain development, applications, and games.

Acquire ZENZO Coins (ZNZ) and contribute to the network by staking and earn block rewards.

  • Maximum Supply: 83,000,000
  • Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake
  • Block Reward: 9 ZNZ
  • Block Time: 60 seconds

  • Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Wallet Design.
  • Stake & Earn by contributing to the ZENZO Network.
  • Available on all Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac).

We are more than just a gaming blockchain, but an international community of friendly and supportive allies. Join the Discord and get to know us!

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“Not your keys, not your coins.” — Andreas Antonopoulos