In Progress

ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) Beta Release

• PIVX Payment Integration
• Bi-Directional Integration

ZENZO Arcade will become bi-directional, allowing any and all users to buy and sell games via the arcade’s escrow system. This includes safety measures and reputation (identity systems to encourage fair and seamless trades) and guarantees penalties to unfair or intentionally-malevolent actors on the platform. Fiat options will be enabled and will promote market thickness by utilizing a portion of fiat fees to buy ZNZ, which will then be parceled between the ZENZO Hatchery for future use and the burn pile for combating inflation. Additional payment methods will also be integrated.

ZENZO (ZNZ) Mobile Wallets

ZENZO is creating mobile wallets for the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ). This will be available for both Android and iOS. The purpose behind having mobile wallets is to make cryptocurrency use easier and more accessible. This will also enable easier ZNZ payments and allowing for retailers and vendors to accept ZNZ.


ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll (Whitepaper v.1.0)

The ZENZO Whitepaper v.1.0 (also known as the ZENZO GrandMaster Scroll) is currently being translated. It will be published in English, Japanese, and Spanish upon the initial release. Immediately after, ZENZO will offer bounties to translate in various languages. More information to be announced…

ZENZO Core Wallet v1.2.1 Release

This brings multiple new features, upgrades, fixes and changes to the monetary partition of the ZENZO ecosystem. Allowing for smoother growth of connectivity and security within the network. An easier, simpler and more efficient wallet interface. Full Zerocoin Removal. Polished branding and many, many more improvements alongside. To read more, please visit here.

PIVX Alliance (Partnership)

ZENZO is looking to engage in a long-term alliance with PIVX and we have created a series of phases that we will break down into measurable deliverables. We have deemed the initial alliance a “Friendly Alliance” and the phases are collectively considered a “Strategic Alliance.” A proposal of this type has never been done before and we are intending to create a unique and innovative model for future alliances. We are proposing the Friendly Alliance to last one year and to be evaluated after for renewal. At any point in time, either party may choose to disband the Friendly Alliance, peacefully. This is not a binding alliance but instead finding a way to creatively collaborate and work towards the same goals. For more information, please visit here.

ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) Alpha Release

The ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) Alpha released on February 10, 2019. Inside the first phase of the arcade, the Marketplace, video game serial keys are for sale that are only purchasable with ZNZ cryptocurrency. ZENZO is working on integrating both PIVX and Bitcoin into the Marketplace as forms of payment. In the next phase, registered members will be able to list new and unused video game serial keys in the bi-directional marketplace.

First Exchange Listing

ZENZO (ZNZ) is currently listed on the decentralized exchange, CryptoBridge. You can purchase ZNZ by going to the CryptoBridge website and typing in the ZNZ ticker into BTC Markets. To purchase ZNZ on CryptoBridge, visit here.

ZENZO Blockchain, Governance Coin (ZNZ), Masternodes, Zerocoin Privacy Protocol

The ZENZO Blockchain is currently a PIVX fork (v.3.0.5) that utilizes Proof of Stake Consensus, Masternodes, Zerocoin Protocol, and other features. For more specific information on the ZENZO Blockchain and Governance Coin (ZNZ), please read ZENZO Specifications.

ZENZO (ZNZ) Block Explorer